U.S. Raised Tariffs on Solar Panels from China

On the 7th of November, the United States International Trade Commission arrived at a decision to raise tariffs on solar panels produced in China. The proponents of tariffs’ rise won, securing their businesses for at least five years. According to the Commission, the tariffs on Chinese solar panels will rise from 24% to 36%. This measure will help domestic companies hire more workers and compete with the unfair Chinese manufacturers. According to Gordon Brinser, CEO of SolarWorld Industries America, the decision of the US International Trade Commission helped to fix the situation, confirming illegal activities of the Chinese. Mr. Brinser thinks that China’s solar panel manufacturers decimated homegrown industries. The decision of the Commission comes in line with the policy of the Commerce Department. It has already imposed the tariffs on Chinese solar companies. The thing is that these companies are unfairly subsidized by China’s government and, as a result, they can sell solar panels below their actual costs.

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  1. frank_t says:

    The government is supposed to be for the citizenry of the USA, not to allow the Chinese to sell stuff here and a few installers make a better sale. If it takes 10% more time ROI on them, they will at least employ ALL American workers. Patriots, it’s time to stop buying Chinese made goods and understand what it means to display an American (made) flag. Those who wear Chinese made plag pins and purport to being patriots should have their heads examined.

  2. Robodude says:

    Waah poor people making a living off cheeep Chinese JUNK ! Let the greedy vampires make do with made in USA products.

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